"7-year old Arnold!
Make good art. Remember when your dad told you not to be an artist? Nah, you should take 23-year old you's advice and do it. You started to shoot seriously at 22 and in a year you've gotten pretty good...So start now, and you'll be as good as Robin at 23!"

(Apologies for the poor sound quality)

"Dear 7-year old CJ,
When times get tough, push through! Don't be afraid to come out to your parents! Always be who you truly are! 🙂 Don't pass up on your full ride scholarship offers! And sign with Notredamn! Trust it turns out great! Never settle for anything besides complete happiness! Be with the girl that never fails to give you butterflies or make you smile! Go head on towards your dreams and don't be afraid!"


"Hey 7-year old self.
Don't listen to your dad. You are not a shithead. You are awesome and you will be great in whatever you do. You kick ass!
Love, 41-year old self."

"I think the most important thing to remember while growing up is it's okay to be different. The limited scope of people around may cause you to feel as if you need to act a certain way or be involved with certain things but that doesnt ring true to the future and how it really is. Stay curios and creative and most of all have the confidence to accept yourself and listen to what you really want. Be happy with who you are, dont worry, and have fun in the moment."