Robin Kadfalk

Creative Director / Storyteller / Community Cultivator



I'm a storyteller and love to get into the heart of things.
My passion lies in delving into the very essence of experiences and intricately distilling the core elements of lifestyle, brand, or design forms.

"Kärt barn har många namn" ("dear child has many names"). I've never been able to comprehend if this is an aphorism or adorment.
Though, as a multifaceted creative and leader, my journey has involved thriving in a world where mastering a multitude of crafts is essential.

I'm a multicultural maestro, proudly sporting dual citizenship in the charming realms of Sweden and the USA, adding a sprinkle of global flair to the creative mix!

Nurtured in the deep countryside of Sweden, I was always whisked away by its captivating history, culture, and heritage. As a little explorer, I claimed the family camera for thrilling adventures, capturing snapshots of these enchanting worlds.

In my late teens I set off on backpacking escapades crisscrossing Europe and the USA where I chronicled my exploits in a digital travel diary, discovering my knack for weaving captivating stories from my experiences.

Turns out, I had a talent for turning my adventures into rich, spellbinding stories.

My mother never approved...
I bet you're going to ask me for an example...

Upon my return to the U.S. I faced the challenge of earning my four-year degree in just two years to avoid deportation, I simultaneously catapulted into the working world via an internship that kickstarted a 20-year adventure as an immigrant and professional.

In this rollercoaster ride, I found myself walking a dual path – one as a Creative Operations Specialist while navigating the immigration maze, and another as a free-spirited creative.

I became fluent in the multitude of languages within an organization, yet basked in the immense trust and space to let my creativity soar.

Relying on my skills as a photographer and storyteller, I dived headfirst into the captivating world of creative leadership and community cultivation.

For two decades I've honed a unique ability to lead remarkable humans, to create awe-inspiring work, and to cultivate spaces where empathy, people, and creativity were in the front seat.

It involved zero bribes

Fast forward to today, and here I am:
A dual citizen relishing the best of both worlds.

With this status, I've cultivated a special knack for delving deep into the history, culture, heritage, and the incredible people behind brands.

My prowess lies in delivering impactful and enchanting work within these unique realms. Fueled by a profound understanding of how the entire organizational puzzle clicks together, I become an extremely sought-after force to deliver work that inspires.

I have a super power:

Creative Cryptonite